4 Reasons To Own A .300 Blackout Rifle

300 Blackout Rifle

1) The .300 Blackout was developed for an AR15 platform so if you already own an AR15 then you don’t have to build or buy another gun.

All you need to buy is the .300 blackout upper and you’ll have everything you need.  The parts are interchangeable and share a lot of the same components.  All it takes is a simple upper swap and you’re finished. You don’t even have to exchange magazines – your 223/556 magazines will hold your new ammo.  

2) The price of ammunition has come down.

Over the past decade, the .300 blackout went from an expensive specialty round that was hard to find, and turned into a mass produced cartridge with an affordable price point of roughly 50- 60 cents per round.  When you’re talking about a 30 caliber round that price point isn’t too harsh at all.  I remember paying over $1 per cartridge back in the day. The prices are a lot better now, which means you can shoot more without breaking the bank.  

If you want to save even more money then you can start reloading your ammunition and cut your cost in half; brass casings can be reloaded multiple times. You can find fully processed 300 blackout brass from our website here.

3) It’s great for hog hunting.

Advanced Armament Corporation originally designed the .300 blackout to mimic the ballistics of an AK-47 (7.62x39mm), and function in standard AR15 rifles.  To mimic the ballistics, manufacturers chopped down a standard 223 brass casing and stuck a 30 caliber projectile into it.  This round has a lot more stopping power than a 223/ 556 round; making for an awesome hog hunting rifle.

4) It can be compact and still hold power.

It’s common for a .300 Blackout to have a 6″ to 8.5″ barrel that makes it easy to pack and carry around on a hunt.  Compared to the 223 cartridge, a standard .300 blackout will hold more power out of a shorter barrel. With about 170 grains the 30 caliber projectile will move at roughly 2200- 2400 FPS.